Wissol Auto Express starting the sales of “Fina” lubricants
Date: 23.02.2012

date: 31.01.2012

The French company “Total” considers its partnership with Wissol Auto Express as very effective business and decides to expand it.  The member of Wissol Group, Ltd “Wissol Auto Express”, which exclusively offers its customers Lubricants of brand “Total”, also is starting providing lubricants of Fina with exclusive prices. “Fina” is the daughter brand of French company “Total”. Prices of Fina Lubricants start from 6.50 Laris.

Coming of the “Total” into the Georgian market was really important for our Country’s future economical development. We are pleased, that business in Georgia is attractive for such a huge French oil company.

“Ltd “Wissol Auto Express” is starting to offer to its customers another product of the French company called “Fina”. This fact is not only the success of Wissol, but also the consequence of the economical course, which is the direction of our country’s development”, declares SoSo Pkhakadze, Chairman of the Wissol Board of Directors.

Our customers can purchase “Fina” lubricants of semi-synthetic and mineral types in every service center of “Wissol Auto Express” throughout Georgia. The quality references of these products are corresponding the international quality standards, e.g. American API and European ECEA. The semi-synthetic Fina motor oils can be purchased in the one liter and five liters cans, as well as in desired quantity of liters. Prices begin with 6.50 Laris.

Since 2011 “Wissol Auto Express” has found its place in the Georgian market. You can find lubricants of French brand “Total” of highest quality. With the highest quality lubricants’ services we also  offer full range of garage services to our customers.




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