Wissol Group opens a new unit of Vianor autoservice centers' chain
Date: 19.07.2013

Wissol Group continues its business expansion policy. Therefore, the new service center of Wissol Petroleum Georgia was opened together with the new unit of Vianor autoservice centers’ chain and the two new units of supermarket Smarts network on 19th of July.

This time the expansion policy was taking place in Adjara region. We are glad that the new service center of Wissol Petroleum Georgia will make the service easier to get for the local population, visitors and the drivers of motor-cars or of heavy duty relocating through the highway at the adroit place.

The new service center of Vianor will satisfy its customers by the service of high quality and offer variety of different exclusive products, including Total, Fina and Chevron lubricants, Nokian tires and etc. Vianor is the biggest multinational company and fortunately, it is exactly Wissol Group who owns the exclusive right of expanding this brand throughout Georgia. The fact, that 110 persons were hired at the newly opened service center, is a huge success for our business group. “Every employ will be provided with free nutrition and health insurance” – declares Soso Pkhakadze, the President of Wissol Group.

The chain of Vianor service center opened its first unit in Batumi in 2012 and since then has been offering  its consumers the highest range of products, including lubricants under Total, Fina and Cevron brands, Fram auto filters, Valeo auto parts, batteries under Deta and Tudor brands and etc.; also, all kinds of car services.

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